KURODA & Partners

Practice Overview

Practice Overview

Corporate General ・ M&A

KURODA & Partners provides clients with advice and services related to general contract drafting, reviewing and negotiations, arrangement of board meetings and general shareholders' meetings and various other legal issues. KURODA & Partners also assists clients with strategic planning, due diligence and drafting, reviewing and negotiating various types of contracts in acquisitions, alliances, group restructurings and other M&A matters.

Financial Regulations ・ IPO

KURODA & Partners keeps close watch on the latest changes to the financial laws and regulations and provides advice related to client’s compliance with such latest financial laws and regulations. KURODA & Partners also provides support to ventures, listed and newly listed companies, and domestic and foreign underwriters and issuers in connection with IPO and other listing related matters in Japan.

Labor and Labor Disputes

KURODA & Partners provides corporate clients with advice on the labor law (including advice on labor law compliance and personnel-system reform). We also represent clients in labor disputes surrounding dismissals and other employment issues.

Intellectual Property ・ Intellectual Property Disputes

KURODA & Partners handles software copyright infringement and other IT related intellectual property disputes and provides legal advice in connection with license agreements, research and development agreements and M&A transactions involving intellectual property issues.


KURODA & Partners represents corporate clients in a wide variety of litigation ranging from large scale to specialized case.

Antitrust Laws

KURODA & Partners provides clients with advice related to business combinations as well as potential and alleged violations of the Anti-monopoly Act of Japan and its special acts including the Subcontract Act and the Premiums and Representations Act.